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Who is my adviser?

As a student majoring in the IMP, you have two different sources of academic advising which serve complementary purposes. We encourage you to consult both of them on a regular basis.

The assistant director of the IMP is your official academic adviser and serves the same function as an adviser for a traditional major. Consult them about topics such as IMP or university policies, pre-registration advising, drop/add procedures, or your progress toward fulfilling requirements for graduation. To schedule an advising appointment, please contact the IMP office.

Your faculty sponsor(s) are the subject-matter experts in your major topic. You should keep in close contact with them throughout your IMP career. Sponsors can offer valuable advice about courses, campus resources, and off-campus experiences (such as internships) related to your major topic. Seek feedback from your sponsor(s) when preparing materials for IMP milestones, such as the final project proposal (due at your mid-program assessment) and the final project itself.

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Monitoring your academic progress

It is your responsibility to be familiar with your Academic Advisement Report (AAR), which is available through the Student Center in One.IU. Please be aware that because of the way the AAR is programmed, it may not reflect the most recent changes to your IMP curriculum plan. If you have questions about your AAR or your progress toward fulfilling graduation requirements, please consult the IMP assistant director.

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Course substitutions

It's possible to make adjustments to your IMP curriculum with the approval of your sponsor(s) — for example, if a course in your original plan is no longer being offered, or if you learn of a course that is a better fit for your major than one you originally proposed. To do so, please fill out a Course Change Form, have it signed by your sponsor(s), and submit it to the IMP office.

You are required to submit a Course Change Form at two points in your IMP career: at your mid-program assessment, and when you apply for graduation. (If you have not made any changes to your curriculum plan, the form is not required.)

Sponsor approval is not required to change courses that are not part of your IMP major (for example, courses you are taking to fulfill College breadth-of-inquiry requirements). However, we encourage you to consult the IMP assistant director for advice about such changes.

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Applying for graduation

You must apply for graduation via the College Recorder's office several months before your intended graduation date. At that time, the IMP assistant director will perform a senior check of your academic progress. Because the senior check is an opportunity for the assistant director to spot deficiencies and alert you while time remains to adjust your schedule, it's in your best interest to observe the College's deadlines:

  • May Graduation: June 1 of the previous year
  • August Graduation: December 1 of the previous year
  • December Graduation: March 1

If you have made any changes to your IMP curriculum, please submit a Course Change Form to the IMP office at the time you apply for graduation (see Course substitutions, above).

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