The Individualized Major Program offers students the opportunity to create their own majors on topics not otherwise available at Indiana University. If you can't find a conventional major that suits your needs, or if you already have a major but would like to add another of your own design, the IMP may be right for you.

In the IMP you can design your own curriculum, select courses from among IU's many schools and departments, design independent-study courses, and undertake a challenging and important final project of your own creation. You'll work closely with one or more faculty sponsors of your choosing, who will guide you throughout your academic career.

IMP majors consist of 30-42 credit hours of coursework, which may include independent-study and internship credit, and culminate in a final project such as a thesis, performance, or internship. IMP majors also must complete the general requirements for a bachelor of arts degree from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Some examples of individualized majors include:

  • Global Food System Studies
  • Black American Expressive Culture
  • Forensic Pathology
  • History of Rock and Roll
  • Medieval Archaeology
  • Holistic Health and Wellness
  • Social Justice and Advocacy

Our graduates go on to successful careers in the professions, the arts, academia, and a variety of business fields. Many also continue their educations in graduate or professional school. Whether you plan to enter the working world or continue your studies, a successful experience in the IMP will set you apart as an independent thinker with initiative, creative interests, and motivation.

Ready to get started? Learn more about our admission process or contact the IMP office to discuss your ideas.

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