Financial Aid

(Click here if you are pursuing an individualized minor rather than a major.)

There are several types of financial aid available to IMP students.

IMP Special Expenses Grant

The IMP Special Expenses Grant is intended to defray expenses associated with completing an IMP major or minor which are above and beyond the standard costs of attendance. It can be used to cover costs associated with your IMP final project, the cost of attending a professional conference, or another indispensable component of your program of study. The maximum amount of this grant is $500.

How to apply: Download the Application for IMP Special Expenses Grant and follow the instructions. Email completed applications to the IMP office. Students whose grant applications are approved must submit original, itemized receipts to the IMP office in order to receive funding. Here is an example of a well-written grant application.

Deadlines: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. However, students who are in their final semester must adhere to the following deadlines:

  • May 2023 graduates: application due March 09; receipts due April 10.
  • August 2023 graduates: application due June 01; receipts due June 26
  • December 2023 graduates: application due October 19; receipts due Nov. 13.

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Hutton Honors College Grants

Several grants are available from the Hutton Honors College. The Hutton Honors College IMP Capstone Award is a grant reserved specifically for IMP seniors completing their final projects. Students may also compete for Honors College Thesis Awards; IMP final projects are considered equivalent to an honors thesis for this purpose. The Honors College also offers several other grants to facilitate student research, travel, and other activities. Contact the Hutton Honors College for more information.

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Other Financial Aid Opportunities

Student Central on Union, IU's central financial aid office, offers several types of financial aid to undergraduate students. Contact them for more information.

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