Financial Aid

(Click here if you are pursuing an individualized minor rather than a major.)

There are several types of financial aid available to IMP students.

IMP Special Expenses Grant

The IMP Special Expenses Grant is intended to defray expenses associated with completing an IMP major or minor which are above and beyond the standard costs of attendance. It can be used to cover costs associated with your IMP final project, the cost of attending a professional conference, or another indispensable component of your program of study. The maximum amount of this grant is $500.

How to apply: Download the Application for IMP Special Expenses Grant and follow the instructions. Email completed applications to the IMP office. Students whose grant applications are approved must submit original, itemized receipts to the IMP office in order to receive funding. Here is an example of a well-written grant application.

Deadlines: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. However, students who are in their final semester must adhere to the following deadlines:

  • May 2022 graduates: application due March 10; receipts due April 11.
  • August 2022 graduates: application due June 02; receipts due June 27.

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IMP Learning Experience Grant

The IMP Learning Experience Grant provides support for IMP majors engaged in particularly noteworthy and deserving off-campus activities closely connected with their fields of study, including but not limited to internships and volunteer experiences. Although these funds are intended to help defray the costs associated with such experiences, their distribution is not dependent on the reimbursement of documented expenses.

As the title of the Learning Experience Grant suggests, its purpose is to support students' efforts to develop themselves and their knowledge, rather than to fund the completion of final projects.

This grant is intended to provide funding for experiences that take place in the same semester in which the application is submitted or that are being planned for a subsequent semester. Retroactive funding requests for experiences which took place in prior semesters will not be considered.

Awards will be in the amount of $2,000 with a limit of one per student. Selection for awards will be competitive. The IMP Advisory Committee will confer awards on students whose proposed experiences best meet the selection criteria, with no awards given in the absence of qualified candidates.

Criteria for selection include:

  • The particular suitability of the proposed experience based on the student's major.
  • The uniqueness of the experience.
  • The prestige of the organization offering the opportunity.
  • The applicant's academic record.

How to apply: Email the following documents to the IMP office. If selected to receive the grant, you may later be required to submit a brief essay for public record detailing your use of the funds provided.

  • A two-page description of the proposed experience, indicating its importance for your field of study and intellectual development.
  • A budget outlining the expenses associated with the proposed experience.
  • A letter from your supervisor substantiating the details of the experience (for example, duration of internship, duties to be carried out, etc.). Students who are unsure of whom they might identify as a supervisor of the experience should consult the IMP office.
  • A letter from at least one faculty sponsor emphasizing the significance of the experience to your course of study and the qualities you possess that place you in a particularly advantageous position to succeed in and learn from the experience.
  • An unofficial IU transcript.

Deadlines: October 21 for Fall 2021 and March 10 for Spring 2022.

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Hutton Honors College Grants

Several grants are available from the Hutton Honors College. The Hutton Honors College IMP Capstone Award is a grant reserved specifically for IMP seniors completing their final projects. Students may also compete for Honors College Thesis Awards; IMP final projects are considered equivalent to an honors thesis for this purpose. The Honors College also offers several other grants to facilitate student research, travel, and other activities. Contact the Hutton Honors College for more information.

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Other Financial Aid Opportunities

Student Central on Union, IU's central financial aid office, offers several types of financial aid to undergraduate students. Contact them for more information.

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