Mid-Program Assessments

Each individualized major student participates in a meeting called a mid-program assessment (MPA) roughly halfway between admission and graduation. The MPA is an opportunity to discuss your progress in the IMP and your future plans, especially your plans for the final project.

Preparing for the MPA

The IMP office will contact you when it's time to schedule your MPA. The anticipated semester and year of the MPA are stated in your admission letter, although this may be adjusted if necessary (for example, if you're studying abroad). Most MPAs take place during the first half of the semester.

In consultation with your sponsor(s), please prepare a final project proposal and a course change form in advance of your MPA. These documents are described below.

Final Project Proposal

Your final project proposal is due in writing in advance of your MPA. You will be prompted to submit it via e-mail when your MPA is scheduled, and you should also bring a hard copy with you to the MPA. Please make sure to have the proposal reviewed by your sponsor(s) before you submit it.

The proposal should be 1-2 pages long and should specify the type of project you'll be doing: research, performance or exhibit, other creative project, or internship. It should describe the project and provide a timeline for completion.

For research projects, the proposal should clearly articulate the question or questions that the project will seek to answer and indicate a general idea of the length of the resulting paper. Research project proposals should also make a compelling connection between the nature of the research and the content of your major.

For other types of projects, the proposal should assure readers that your proposed project represents a satisfactory integration of the courses and other experiences that comprise your major. The proposal should also preview the approach you will follow in the analytic statement.

Please see Final Projects for more information about the final project process.

Course Change Form

If you have made any changes to the content of your major since you were admitted to the IMP, please fill out a Course Change Form and bring it with you to the MPA (or submit it before the date of your Zoom meeting). Changes to non-major courses do not require a Course Change Form. (For more information about course substitutions, please see the Advising page.)

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What happens at the MPA

An MPA usually lasts about 30 minutes and is somewhat less formal than an admission interview. You, your sponsor(s), the chair of your admission committee, and a member of the IMP staff will be in attendance. Most of the meeting will be devoted to discussion of your final project proposal. You'll also be asked to give a general update about what you've been doing academically since your admission to the IMP. If your admission letter included any special requirements or recommendations, you will be asked about your progress toward fulfilling them.

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